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Web app design

We design multiple variants of logos, mock-ups, and wireframes to meet our clients' expectations. At this stage, our experts define the color scheme, the fonts and the layout of the app. We then test the user experience to make the custom web application more accessible to the end-user. Next, we design the logo and artwork to breathe life into the user interface.

Responsive web design

We at Heavestack realize that online businesses worldwide are using mobile devices more regularly than ever before. The responsive web design ensures seamless transitions between all supported devices, including desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones, for your user base.

Web design services for your business

Having a website is just a small piece of the cake. The website you provide to your customers needs to be professional in order to maintain their interest. Most importantly, it's got to work. Heavestack has a professional team that offers web design and development services to meet all your needs.

Custom CMS web design services.

Heavestack is creating unique websites for each company. The choice of the tool depends on its complexity. We use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to make websites. We're also helping you find the best CMS for your website to make it easy to update and maintain.

Content creation

Your website has not yet been completed! You should have content ready to publish by now. After all, your targeted customers are coming to the website for a reason. You want to be sure that you answer all your questions about their dilemmas. That's why content is essential to every website we create! We'll layout your content on each page to make it look awesome and readable to all users.

Collecting the information

Heavestack wants to know all about his clients. Our on-boarding process includes the completion of an informative questionnaire that includes a lot of questions about your business, the sites you enjoy, your previous sites and more. After that, we'll schedule a call so that we can discuss everything you've included in the questionnaire.

Build a customized application that adds value and increases earnings

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Our web design and development company follows a value-driven business approach in working with our clients. This approach helps your business to outperform the competition in your niche when the website is live. Heavestack values transparency with its clients during the web design and development process.

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