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User experience design

Our UX process is rooted in the rationale and insights of the discovery. Here we begin to add sense and structure by defining highly optimized user flows, wireframes and technical architecture.

User interface design

Our Design team works on compelling and powerful UI interfaces, focusing on user experience, leading trends and patterns. We share and iterate through high fidelity, fully interactive prototypes and produce production-ready assets for seamless technology transfer.

Brand identity

We have set the brand foundation for many of our start-up clients. Weaving this into a product allows us to test, refine and develop your brand as we go, ensuring that brand history, identity and strategy have the right impact from the outset.

UI/UX research and analysis

When it comes to UI/UX research and analysis, many factors are studied prior to user interface and user experience design. Some of these factors include analysis of audiences, online surveys, gathering requirements, and more. Research and analysis play a critical role in our efforts to deliver high-end and targeted output.

User experience assessment

We at Heavestack operate in a system where we are in control of the skills, design process and tools required to discover how an end-user recognizes the user experience and the user interface's design perspective. Some of the processes we implement are contextual survey, content audit, usability testing and expert review.

Front end design and development

At Heavestack, we pay attention to a lot of factors in the front end development sphere. Instructional design and illustration is one of the key points. Our software development team ensures that your product looks graphically attractive and runs smoothly on both the web and mobile platforms.

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