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Machine Learning is part of the technical reach of AI. Applications of machine learning insurance help improve operating performance, increase customer service, and even detect fraud.

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Machine Learning Solutions

In order to generate actionable decision models and simplify business processes, Heavestack's team of specialist AI developers program enterprise systems with advanced machine learning solutions. We convert raw data for regression, classification, density estimation and clustering from legacy software systems and big data providers into clean datasets; then deploy those models across appropriate systems.

Neural Network Development

To build deep learning engines and artificial neural networks, our data software scientists write machine learning algorithms (or Machine Learning as a Service). With back- and front-ends developed with Python and other technologies widely used for machine learning systems, we build custom MLaaS applications. We design neural networks supervised, unsupervised, active, and reinforcement.

Machine Learning and Cyber Security

The core component of our application development process is the use of machine learning solutions to improve data integrity and cybersecurity protocols in desktop, tablet, and web applications. To help systems better detect malware, flag unusual user activity, build staff-based risk models, and scale up Zero Confidence Protection (ZTS) frameworks, we integrate and deploy machine learning engines. In order to enhance facial recognition and natural language processing, we also use neural networks (NLP).

Custom Machine learning for Healthcare

To obtain insights from big data sources such as practice management and hospital information systems, EMRs and Health Information Exchanges, we use deep learning tools (HIE). We help build systems that develop and evaluate new medications, analyze genes, automate medication records, optimize triage preferences, identify public health trends, and enhance diagnostic decision analysis tools, in addition to using machine learning engines to improve RCM operations.

Predictive Maintenance

To assess the state of equipment and machinery to avoid failures, we use machine learning to analyze operational data. This method is designed to improve your productivity by switching you from a model of calendar maintenance to one focused on real equipment depreciation.

Marketing Automation Solutions

In order to perform precision marketing, optimize pricing scenarios, drill down on market segmentation and demand forecasting, score leads, produce propensity models and develop content recommendations for market segments and individual clients, we incorporate machine learning programs with CRM and marketing automation software systems.

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